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I’m moving a lot of my online presence to a mailing list. It’s old-school, I know, but it’s a much neater solution. If you want to know about contests, free content, sales and new books – sign up! Then you’re guaranteed to never miss a thing, rather than just sitting back and hoping my inane jokes wade through the quagmire of your Twitter feed or fight their way through your cold and unforgiving Facebook algorithms.

Well now I’m just freaking out.

Audible’s crazy Daily Deal on The Unnoticeables just made it the #10 book in all Literature and Fiction, #4 book in all of Science Fiction and Fantasy. #2 in just Fantasy and #2 in Horror! It is, for right now, the 10th best selling novel (out of all the novels ever written, mind you) in the largest bookstore in the world.


If I crack the top 100 of all books, I will poop everywhere. That’s not an incentive or anything. That’s just an unfortunate, but understandable reaction.

Final Update on The Day Of Knowing Collection

Only a handful of people asked, because only a handful of people were reading it, but I figured I’d put this out there anyway:

I’ve pulled all of the Day of Knowing stories and will not be releasing any more.

The first story net a few hundred views (not readers, views). The second didn’t break a hundred. The third and fourth combined had less than twenty views (again, views, not readers).

The interest just wasn’t there to sustain this. I hope this doesn’t come as a nasty surprise to anybody. The plea at the end of the stories to share and review as much as possible if you wanted to see more wasn’t just a plea; it was also a warning. If it stops being worth it to write these, I can’t afford to continue them as pure vanity.

I don’t say this to blame anybody – odds are if you’ve read this far into the post, you were one of the few people who were into the story. You were not the problem. The readers who weren’t there were the problem, and that wasn’t you! You’re awesome, and you have my sincere thanks.

I just have a limited amount of time left in uh…life.. to write. I have to spend it on things that will get read. That said, I may do something with the stories in the future if I think I can find an audience or use for them. Please feel free to message rxthebook at gmail dot com if you would like to be added to a list with further updates on the collection. Thanks!

On Motorcycles and Muscle Cars

I haven’t been on my motorcycle in ages – even before the weather turned. I’m not sure why that is. I think part of it is Portland traffic – we’ve had a huge influx of out-of-state folks moving here in the last few years, and our infrastructure is in no way prepared to handle it. You’d figure that wouldn’t affect me, since I learned to, and started, riding in LA. But lane-splitting and the weather down there made all the difference.

Now I don’t feel nearly as safe on the roads, and the thought of fighting all that traffic just to get somewhere fun kinda drains me. By the time I actually manage it, I’m usually too tired to even enjoy the ride for very long, and then it’s fight, fight, fight all the way back. 

Or maybe I’m out of love with my specific bike, and a new one will rekindle. Or maybe I’m just sorta over the whole thing, as happens with hobbies. Or maybe I’m being possessed by a safety conscious ghost, and need a danger-exorcism.

Regardless, I’ve been lusting after classic muscle cars lately. Always wanted one. I’m considering selling the bike and buying myself some antique American muscle. I mean, it’s just as stupid and impractical, and says all the same things about my dick, right? It should be an even trade.

Review The Unnoticeables, Help Everybody Get Free Stuff!

Looks like reviews for The Unnoticeables have stalled out a bit. I’ll make you guys a deal…

If we can get to 100 Amazon reviews, and/or 50 Goodreads reviews by the new year, I’ll make the Rx eBook free for a week! If you’ve already read it, this would be a great opportunity to introduce your friends to the world of drugged out nanobot time travel. If only to explain why you don’t trust the public water supply anymore!

Twitter Exclusive Give-away of The Unnoticeables

I’m giving away a free signed and personalized copy of The Unnoticeables exclusively on Twitter! Why? Because I’m crazy for deals!* Just login below, tweet the message, and you’re done!

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*’Deals’ is the street name of my dealer. I am currently way too fucked up to realize what a mistake I’m making and you are taking advantage of that fact by enrolling in this contest. Monster.