2 thoughts on “Reader Review Redoubt: “You know what you’re getting into…”

  1. Joshua Stein

    I’ll leave a good review on Amazon, you certainly earned it. It will look
    Something like this: Just finished Kill All Angels today, and dammit if I’m not sad that it’s over. Truly great writing, amazing ideas that are fleshed out in a satisfying way, and an ending that leaves you wanting more, but with enough substance to it that you will be ok that there isn’t. Brockway, if you are listening, hurry up and write something else that I can tear through and then be upset because it’s finished. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drink a beer (or six) in honor of Carey, one of the greatest characters ever to be put on a page.

    1. Robert Brockway Post author

      Thanks, man! That’s a great review, and I appreciate the hell out of you taking the time to do it. I’m glad you dug the last chapter in that weird saga, and I promise I’m working as hard as I can on the Next Thing. Just gotta convince somebody to buy it!


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