Monthly Archives: December 2017

Publisher’s Weekly Digs Kill All Angels!

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed Kill All Angels, and it’s good! They’re covered all three books now, and they liked every one. I’ll friggin’ take it! Here’s a snippet:

“Appropriately for a science fiction tale with punk-rock overtones, this story is raw, reckless, and grimy. Carey’s alcohol-fueled desperation and Kaitlyn’s worldly optimism work well together, and the narrative barrels towards a conclusion that suits the book’s bizarre late-night movie feel.”

I uh… I could go for a bizarre late-night movie version, universe. Just puttin’ that out there…

Barnes And Noble Gives Kill All Angels One Hell Of A Review

Barnes and Noble gives Kill All Angels one of the best reviews I’ve ever read. I mean, I’m always happy when somebody gets the important themes in my books (though like they say in the piece, the themes themselves are hard to miss), but it’s extra special when they get why those themes are important in the first place. A hell of a note to end a series on.