Massive Book Giveaway! I Want The Words Out Of Your Mouth

Let’s have ourselves another giveaway! (If you don’t give a damn why, just skip below to “The Rules.”)

We’re coming up on release day for Kill All Angels, the third and last book in the Vicious Circuit series, which started with The Unnoticeables and continued with The Empty Ones.

I’m pretty excited about how the series has done so far: Most everybody that checked it out seemed to enjoy it, the critical reception was phenomenal (I’ll have Publisher’s Weekly’s “like Hunter S. Thompson went drinking with Stephen King” on my gravestone) and I, personally, feel like I managed to not completely fuck it all up on the third book. Yes, that is about the highest praise I’m willing to give myself.

But even with all that awesomeness, there’s definitely still room for the series to spread. That’s partially my fault. We just didn’t do that great a job letting people know what this book was, and that there would be more of them. A lot of folks who would probably really dig the first book have never even heard of it, and many who loved the first book had no clue it was a trilogy, and don’t even know the second one came out.

That’s where I need your help: Word of mouth is the single most important thing to an author. Your thoughts, your recommendations to your friends or fellow readers — that does more than every other marketing technique combined and multiplied times a thousand. So here’s the deal…

The Rules:

You spread the word about The Unnoticeables and/or The Empty Ones however you want — a review anywhere, from Goodreads to Amazon to whatever Kobo is; an update on your blog; a shoutout on your social media; a forum post; an answer to the question ‘what should I read next?’ (particularly if they first specify that they love punk rock and have an inexplicable fear of Mario Lopez) — anything counts, as long as it’s new (no pre-existing reviews, etc.).

Do that, and show me — email a link, or a screencap, or whatever you want to — and you’ll be entered into a weekly giveaway. It starts today, Monday, August 7th, 2017, and winners are chosen every Monday until I plain run out of shit to give you: if you win, pick any book (signed and personalized how and if you want it) below, until I run out. If you dug The Unnoticeables and want to recommend it, you might win yourself a copy of The Empty Ones. If you’re a collector and you want one of the variant editions, here’s your chance. If you dug The Unnoticeables AND The Empty Ones and you want to check out my other books, this is your moment. You can enter once a week, as many weeks as you like.

Just remember: I’m not asking you to shill for me. These aren’t marketing posts. Just share your honest thoughts and recommendations however and wherever you want, and you’re in.

All physical prizes, sadly, are US only. The shipping is just too brutal. I’ll announce the winners here in updates to this post, and I’ll also reply to the email you sent me to enter in the first place – so keep an eye on this site, or make damn sure your spam filter knows and fears my name.

Prizes (Pick One):

Everything is Going To Kill Everybody (Paperback): 4 Copies

The Unnoticeables (Paperback): 5 Copies

The Unnoticeables (Hardcover): 10 Copies

The Unnoticeables (UK Paperback Variant): 4 Copies

The Unnoticeables (Advanced Reader Copy, Uncorrected Proof. Extremely rare! 1 out of maybe 100 ever): 9 Copies

The Empty Ones (Paperback), 4 Copies

The Empty Ones (Hardcover): 4 Copies

Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity (eBook): Unlimited Copies


Week One: Nick Demosthenous, Gunnar Ohberg, Daniel Coffman, Penelope Olson, Ruben Reyes

Not a lot of participation thus far, so everybody that entered this week won! If you’re one of them, you should have an email from me waiting in your inbox. Please reply to it with your choice of prize, mailing address, and personalization requests (if any). Remember, you can only enter once a week, but you can do it every week — even if you’ve already won once. Week 2 starts now!


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