The consensus about novellas now being called “bookshots” is that James Patterson’s readers would find the term “novella” too foreign or effeminate, and wouldn’t buy them. That’s probably true, and seeing how the word is catching on even for non-Patterson novellas, it may be a smart bit of marketing.
But it’s a stupid everything else. Jesus, is any reader’s masculinity that fragile?
“Novel? I ain’t readin’ that. Sounds like somethin’ if you ordered it at a bar it’d come in a martini glass with whipped cream on top. Naw, I read books. That’s a good, solid word: Book. Sounds like the noise you’d make when you got kicked by a horse.
Combine that with shot – whether that’s whiskey or a bullet wound – and you got yourself a horse-kickin’, hard-drinkin’, hard-shootin’ adventure.
Read a novella?
I say ‘no way in hell, fella.’
That’s what little French girls read. I read BOOKSHOTS. See this cover? Pure carbon fiber. Got little grooves in the spine for a tactical grip. The bookmark is a bottle opener.

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