The Fold and 14, by Peter Clines


I finished Peter Clines’ The Fold over the weekend. Long story short: It, and 14, are great and you should read them. Setting-based mysteries, cosmic horror and hard sci-fi that know how to deliver.

Long story long: It’s not strictly necessary to read 14 first. It is a stand alone book. But it just functions much better as a sequel. I heard that from everybody, and everybody was right. I stopped reading The Fold to pick up 14, and that’s the way to do it. Just be aware that 14 is more of a slow burn, while the Fold is tight and focused. 14 is a TV show, while The Fold is a movie.

And now you’ve read like 100 words of this garbage when you could be reading 100 words of the actual books. You’re wasting time. Go buy them, if only so he has the financial incentive to write more books in that universe. I’m a selfish, selfish man.

2 thoughts on “The Fold and 14, by Peter Clines

  1. Josh

    Couldn’t agree more. I inadvertently read them in reverse order, but damn, those are some good books. Now, if you, Clines and the two men comprising James S.A. Corey would be kind enough to churn out some more books, that would be great.

    Seriously, I’m out of podcasts, so even just a short story to tide me over.


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