Well now I’m just freaking out.

Audible’s crazy Daily Deal on The Unnoticeables just made it the #10 book in all Literature and Fiction, #4 book in all of Science Fiction and Fantasy. #2 in just Fantasy and #2 in Horror! It is, for right now, the 10th best selling novel (out of all the novels ever written, mind you) in the largest bookstore in the world.


If I crack the top 100 of all books, I will poop everywhere. That’s not an incentive or anything. That’s just an unfortunate, but understandable reaction.

5 thoughts on “Well now I’m just freaking out.

  1. Josh

    I’m one of the people who discovered it through the daily deal. Loved every second of it, and glad to hear that there is more on the way. I’ll definitely be buying those the day they are available. Any news on when that will be?

    [waves fistfuls of cash in author’s general direction]

    1. Robert Brockway Post author

      Thanks and glad you dug it! Book 2 is The Empty Ones, and it drops on August 30th of this year. Book 3 is about finished, and will drop summer of next year. Aggressive deadlines!

  2. Eric

    Fucking awesome book. Read it cover to cover in one setting. Totally engrossing Definitely got a H.P.Lovecraft vibe. Very cool


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