The Unnoticeables Audio Book for Dirt Cheap!

The Unnoticeables is Audible’s Daily Deal! It’s only 2.95 for the audio book. And look, I know I’m biased, but it’s genuinely amazing. 3 narrators, one for each POV, and they all kill it in their own ways. Even if you’ve read the book, at this price, it’s worth throwing a few bucks in for the different experience. Very cool.

One thought on “The Unnoticeables Audio Book for Dirt Cheap!

  1. John

    One day I’m going to get into Audiobooks but I can’t manage (the DRM situation with Audible doesn’t help). However, I do have a couple friends who don’t read (much, anymore) and get all their content through audio, so I see a good opportunity to share!


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