Final Update on The Day Of Knowing Collection

Only a handful of people asked, because only a handful of people were reading it, but I figured I’d put this out there anyway:

I’ve pulled all of the Day of Knowing stories and will not be releasing any more.

The first story net a few hundred views (not readers, views). The second didn’t break a hundred. The third and fourth combined had less than twenty views (again, views, not readers).

The interest just wasn’t there to sustain this. I hope this doesn’t come as a nasty surprise to anybody. The plea at the end of the stories to share and review as much as possible if you wanted to see more wasn’t just a plea; it was also a warning. If it stops being worth it to write these, I can’t afford to continue them as pure vanity.

I don’t say this to blame anybody – odds are if you’ve read this far into the post, you were one of the few people who were into the story. You were not the problem. The readers who weren’t there were the problem, and that wasn’t you! You’re awesome, and you have my sincere thanks.

I just have a limited amount of time left in uh…life.. to write. I have to spend it on things that will get read. That said, I may do something with the stories in the future if I think I can find an audience or use for them. Please feel free to message rxthebook at gmail dot com if you would like to be added to a list with further updates on the collection. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Final Update on The Day Of Knowing Collection

  1. John

    I’m not sure that fighting niche with niche is a productive or destructive rabbit hole, and if I’m just answering a question about how you could best get money out of me (versus actually make real money writing fiction) but certain aspects of your writing fit the Patreon model very well.

    I found it odd that I am willing to give between $1-3 a month and $1-2 a piece to webcomic and musical artists (sight unseen!), but I routinely balk at $1-2 for buying up front writing samples. But if any of a half dozen Cracked writers or an even larger number of fiction writers put up a Patreon with their writing either promising output per month or asking for subscriptions per piece I’d join up in a heartbeat.

    That said, I’ve seen such huge variance on the site that it’s even more of an enigma to me than Kickstarter is with regard to what sort of artists and projects can be successful.

  2. Julian

    It is an utter shame that the series has met its demise due to lack of interest. I thoroughly enjoy/ed the collection and the world created was both interesting and enticing. With the media regurgitating old ideas and concepts over and over it was truly a respite from feeling like a grossed-out baby bird being force fed the same crap over and over.

    Should you ever publish the Day of Knowing anthology you can be sure I’d grab my copy and continue thumbing and fingering through your world.

  3. Phill

    Mr. Brockway.

    I completely enjoyed The Day of knowing collection. I actually prefer your “rougher” writing style. To explain, RX was a polished masterpiece that should be taught in English classes to show how you create your own style using the styles of the greatest writers ever. The Untouchables, you formed your own style and made an easier to read and more engaging book. In day of knowing, it was all Brockway but it wasn’t completely polished which made it more fun to read and to see better into your thought processes. I think you should make the day of knowing into a book as you are writing it now and it you won’t have the problem of having to explain the major story arc. Just know if you write it, I will buy it! I can at least buy you a bottle of whiskey or an ashtray for the Ford Galxy 500, you will end up with. I am a 1969 GTO Judge man myself. Ram air IV with 4 on the floor and a 2007 Corvette Z-51. Since, I am not a very good writer, I will give you some classic car advice. Whatever you think your budget for your car will be, Triple it!

    LS’ and Clutches,


  4. Noah

    Damn. Back in high school, your column was the first thing I checked on Wednesday mornings, but I fell out of touch once college started and just thought to check up on you four years later. Sad I didn’t get to see these, but can’t fault your reasoning. Oh, and like the above comments, I would fund (er… patronize?) the shit out of your hypothetical Patreon.

  5. Jeremy

    I am confused. Isnt it free to have your book on the kindle store? If so, whats the harm in leaving these out there to generate interest? I loved the first two, but by the time I got around to searching for more in the series, you had already pulled them. I think it can take some time for a book to gain traction. You had the quality there, maybe just put these back on Amazon and what for the readers to come.

    1. Robert Brockway Post author

      If you want to know more about the series, or be kept on any future updates with it, just shoot an email to rxthebook at gmail dot com and I’ll put you on the mailing list!


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