The Brockway Gladiatorial Motocircus Thunderdome Tour and Good Time Extravaganza!

To celebrate the release of my upcoming novel, The Unnoticeables, I am touring a very small part of the planet and taking on all challengers. Things there will not be: Stuffed shirts, tea parties, boredom, MERCY. Things there will be: BLOOD.

Or like, some reading aloud and handshakes. BUT PROBABLY THE BLOOD.

If you’re brave, crazy, or stupid enough, meet me at one of the follow locations (more to come!)

    • July 16 – Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA
    • July 17 – University Book Store, Seattle, WA
    • July 18 – Copperfield’s, Petaluma, CA
    • July 19 – Borderlands, San Francisco, CA
    • July 22 – Powell’s, Portland, OR (Burnside location!)

Oh god, please meet me at one of those locations. Otherwise it’s just going to be me, alone, reading to an empty room and then crying.

4 thoughts on “The Brockway Gladiatorial Motocircus Thunderdome Tour and Good Time Extravaganza!

  1. Kevin

    Please come to Utah. I know it’s a mostly dead lake bed covered in a salty crust, but I think my wife might leave me if I travel to San Diego to, as I told her, “Have a bearded man read me stories with his soothing, yet, electrifying baritone.”

  2. John

    Wish I could make the drive down to SD but Tuesday… yeah, that’s a lot of travel on a weeknight. You may have this info somewhere else but since you’ve got the Amazon link up, a couple questions mostly for the purposes of due diligence:
    1) It’s cheaper to buy the paperback than the Kindle. Really? (to rephrase as a legitimate question, “Is that correct?”
    2) Do you have any plans or hopes to release in a DRM-free digital format at any point?
    3) In the event that the answers are the expected ones (respectively: yes, no), would it be appropriate to address my concerns to your publisher (Titan Books?) or is there a different decision-maker in the chain?

    Honestly I’m going to be a bad cyber-citizen and buy the ebook almost without regard for the price and format, but I’d love to feel better about myself and your publisher.

    1. Robert Brockway Post author

      Maybe good news!

      The paperback doesn’t come out until 2016 — it’s hardcover launch initially. So while I’m sure they’ll honor that price, it’s probably not the norm.
      All Tor books are DRM free, including this one! It was definitely an influencing factor of deciding to publish with them.
      Titan books are the UK publishers — if you have US concerns (I’m assuming, since you were talking about driving down to SD) you’ll need to send them to Tor/MacMillan.


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