Because Reasons.

I don’t normally join in on bashing pop-jokes — those structured set-ups the internet loves so much (think Chuck Norris). They’re usually just a harmless and accessible way for normal folks to get in on making comedy.

But if you’re actually writing comedy, please don’t use “because reasons” or “because science” or “because of course they do.” It’s such a missed opportunity. “Because” should start a joke, not end it. It’s a great set-up: What is the reason they would do this? Do you not know? Fine, theorize about it. Figure out something hilarious for that reason to be. Are they doing it because they’re stupid, vindictive, evil, confused? Well, like the old joke goes, how dumb/awful/baffled are they?

That “because” is giving you permission to play with everything that comes after it, and “reasons” is you forfeiting the game. It’s lazy, and as an editor, I will always, always change it.

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