The Unnoticeables Cover Reveal revealed the cover for my latest book today, and to call it awesome would be insulting. They need new words to describe how amazing this cover is. Alas, they would need a better writer than me. The best I can do is combine ‘fuck yes’ and ‘awe-struck’ and call it ‘awe-fucked.’

The Unnoticeables RD 1 selects A

Poor Will, his art deserves better subject matter than I can provide.

Check out the actual post for some of the many unbelievably cool alternates we didn’t get to use. Choosing between them was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do — and I beat Mega Man II.

4 thoughts on “The Unnoticeables Cover Reveal

  1. Chris

    Sweet! Does it have a release date yet? I want to plan an elaborate Rube Goldberg style method of throwing a fistful of cash at you just as the clock strikes 12:00 the day it’s released.


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