Return of the King. Well, Prince. Duke? No? Fine. Me. Return of the Me.

Oh hey, website. Didn’t see you there.

So almost immediately after I ask what fans want to see of writers, and they answer “Something! Anything!” I disappear and post nothing instead. I’m a rebel, and I’ll never, ever be any good.

Real explanation is long and boring, so I’ll just post the short and boring one: I got sick. Really sick, and for a long time. Some sort of mysterious infection, I still don’t know what it is. But it appears to be getting better, and I see a specialist tomorrow. I’ve barely been able to get my work done, and extracurricular stuff fell by the wayside.

It’s not you, dear website; it’s me.

But good news! I read all those responses to what people want to see, and I listened. A lot of it was cut material, or other stuff I’ve written — just content, really. I can do that. I’ll be posting some short stories I wrote, mostly before I actually knew how to write. They’re not very good, but they show an interesting progression as I slowly, painfully learn what the hell I’m doing (sort of). As well as a bit of cut material from my latest book that will make absolutely no sense out of context.

Hey, you bastards said “Something! Anything!” You never said a word about quality. That one’s on you.

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