How to keep things in perspective

Phrasing 1: I have so much work to do, there’s hardly any time to do what I want. I wonder if I’m sacrificing my life for my work, and if that’s worth it in the long run.

Phrasing 2 – Be Specific: The work I have to do is editing articles about interesting things for accuracy, and punching up the jokes wherever possible. The things I want to do are riding my motorcycle, because it’s nice outside and it won’t always be, so I have to take advantage of that.

Phrasing 3 – Think of Harder Problems Than Your Own: There are people in the world making tough decisions about the health and well-being of their children.

Phrasing 4 – Compare Problems: Right now somebody is wrestling a crocodile for their own baby. While I don’t want to get paid handsomely to read interesting things and write dick jokes because it’s sunny out and I would rather race about on my ten-thousand dollar freedom machine.

Solution: I will shut up and do my work. Maybe I will open a window, as a special treat.

2 thoughts on “How to keep things in perspective

  1. Kyle

    First glance said to me “it’s nice outside and I won’t always be”. Your words are sharper. Good lucking with the windowing, I guess.


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