Revenge of the Revenge of the Meta-Nerds


I just bought a Nexus 10.  After conducting my usual new gadget routine – reading the manual cover to cover, gleefully pulling off stickers and huffing all the new electronics smells – I went in search of games to see exactly how far mobile computing has come. I saw some very pretty and impressive stuff – mobile platforms truly are only a half generation behind modern consoles – and I’m not playing any of it. Instead, I’m totally sucked in to Knights of Pen and Paper, a poorly translated, retro-styled faux 16-bit tabletop D&D simulator. This is how I choose to use my astoundingly powerful mobile computer; my flat obelisk of technological fetishism; my new device literally straight out of Star Trek; the most recent avatar of mankind’s veritable stampede of progress…and I use it to emulate thirty year old technology that is, in itself, emulating some paper, dice, and friends.

Society used to make fun of nerds for being so socially inept that we played D&D on Saturday nights with our friends, instead of doing penis-and-vagina stuff at house parties. Now nerds are more accepted than ever, to the point that we have nerd simulators.

Good lord. I’m…a meta-nerd.

3 thoughts on “Revenge of the Revenge of the Meta-Nerds

  1. Metacognition

    You’re aware that now I’m going to be forced to try this game. You’re not making it any easier on us nerds to find time to go out and try some of that penis-vagina type stuff by giving us even more ways to isolate ourselves!
    If you’re looking for a fun time killer, I’ve been enjoying the Ironman 3 app. It’s a simple Temple Run style game, but it continues the story from the movie and you can unlock a bunch of the armors from the movie. Including the Igor suit that everyone keeps calling the Hulkbuster armor!

  2. Mazdaz

    Another great game is Plague Inc. You have to evolve a disease to kill the entire world before a cure is researched, with loads of different types of diseases that have different characteristics e.g. Nanorobot virus, fungus, mind control worms and a zombifying one. Everything is perfectly done.

  3. Matt Armstrong

    On Saturdays? Pshaw true nerds were at that gaming table 6 days a week with 1 day off to contemplate where their life is headed. I have thought a lot about why being a nerd is accepted now, when even in the 90s you had to hide it like a sticky stack of porn and crusty socks. The only thing I can come up with is the popularity of comic book based movies, and advancements in video game technology bringing most peoples inner nerd to the surface.


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