Wipe your feet, savages.

Hi, and welcome!

Take off your pants and stay a while.

Here’s the deal: This is not more Cracked. If you want more Cracked, try reading Cracked! We started our own website just to collect all of our favorite Cracked material, and we called it Cracked.This not a place for comedic lists, or even silly fiction. This is a kind of catch-all hub of awesome for all things me, me, me. This is a screaming testament to my own unflappable narcissism. It is a loving memorial to my immeasurable arrogance. It is a fount of conceit, spewing forth arrogance like blood from the severed artery of humility.

You know: It’s just your average blog.

The stuff here will be mostly op-ed, occasional promo (or even preview) material for my books, short fiction, polls, or maybe just pictures of me fighting drugged animals. Whatever I feel like. Stick around if that sounds interesting. I can’t promise that it will be good, but I can promise that it will at least be uniquely terrible.

I also reserve the right to display unbroken walls of text, without a smattering of unrelated stock images every other paragraph. Because fuck your withering attention span, internet.

6 thoughts on “Wipe your feet, savages.

      1. Kyle

        I will forever see them as nude laser bears in hopes my mind can comprehend.

        Site looks great. Look forward to seeing more. 🙂

  1. Ian

    I’m just so thrilled that you finally have a venue where you can express opinions on things. This changes everything!

  2. deadlytoque

    Hey! You’re doing your own blog again, but under your own name, rather than as Brocknus: Robot Fighter!

    Well, alright.


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