The Unnoticeables Launch Party!

My new novel is finally being released! Come on down to the covered patio area of the White Owl Social Club (1305 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214) on July 7th at 7PM and celebrate with me. For years it felt like this day would never come, and now it feels like it’s right around the corner. Oh god, one day we’ll all be 80 and wondering where the years went. I’m going to buy a convertible and take up skydiving. Come, defy the unceasing forward march of time with me. They serve fine burgers and liquor — the absolute best tools for denying your own inevitable mortality.

Pre-order The Unnoticeables, get Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity for free!

Hey there, dear reader.

I know you super well.

Right now you’re thinking:

“Man, I really want to read a book about ominous angels, killer former-teen heart throbs, drunken punk rockers, acidic tar monsters, and the hidden code that governs the universe — but I also want to read a book about a dystopian future society located entirely within one gigantic skyscraper that is addicted to hallucinogenic time traveling gas. And if, at some point, Abraham Lincoln fights a dinosaur, well, that would be just dandy. The problem here is that I only have enough money for one of those books!”

Well, that just won’t do. It’s a well established medical fact that the brain needs both urban fantasy sci-fi/horror and pharmaceutical cyberpunk fiction just to stay alive. I don’t want you to die, dear reader. So I’ll make you a deal: You pre-order a copy of my upcoming urban fantasty book about faceless cults and the punks that hate them, The Unnoticeables, and I’ll throw in an eBook copy of my last book, the cyberpunk misadventure Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity for free!

Here’s the rules:

Pre-order a copy of The Unnoticeables (any version you’d like)
Take a screenshot of the receipt
Email that to
I’ll email you back an eBook copy of Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity
Then you do an adorable little excited dance*


Remember: This only applies to pre-orders, so you have until July 6th, the day before launch, to get on this.


Meet me at Comic Con!

I’ll be there talking about horror, whoring books, and booking whores. Here’s the details on this and other appearances again, in case you missed them.

July 9 – San Diego Comic Con, Panel Name: Horror/Thriller, 4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m., Room: 25ABC
July 16 – Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA
July 17 – University Book Store, Seattle, WA
July 18 – Copperfield’s, Petaluma, CA
July 19 – Borderlands, San Francisco, CA
July 22 – Powell’s, Portland, OR (Burnside location!)

The Brockway Gladiatorial Motocircus Thunderdome Tour and Good Time Extravaganza!

To celebrate the release of my upcoming novel, The Unnoticeables, I am touring a very small part of the planet and taking on all challengers. Things there will not be: Stuffed shirts, tea parties, boredom, MERCY. Things there will be: BLOOD.

Or like, some reading aloud and handshakes. BUT PROBABLY THE BLOOD.

If you’re brave, crazy, or stupid enough, meet me at one of the follow locations (more to come!)

    • July 16 – Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA
    • July 17 – University Book Store, Seattle, WA
    • July 18 – Copperfield’s, Petaluma, CA
    • July 19 – Borderlands, San Francisco, CA
    • July 22 – Powell’s, Portland, OR (Burnside location!)

Oh god, please meet me at one of those locations. Otherwise it’s just going to be me, alone, reading to an empty room and then crying.

It is November 14th. You should be fucking listening to…

…Like Clockwork – Queens of the Stone Age

I’ve always been lukewarm on QOTSA. They had a few good songs, but seemed a bit generic. Nothing really sold me on them, but god damn, their latest album really gelled together. I haven’t specified one song because, as you can see by that awesome video, huge chunks of it work together thematically, enabling them to do this half hour long graphic novel rock opera thing.

Bukz 11/6

My reading list for the week (okay, let’s be real, probably two). Crappy vehicle Voltron for scale – Optimus is on break.


Learned a harsh lesson from my optimistic list last month. I just cannot read like I used to – largely because I have jobs and write books now. When I was barely employed and broke, I’d go to the library every week and grab a dozen books. I’d be back a week or so later for a new stack. In a way, I miss it, but I guess the trade-off is that I’m not getting rickets from malnutrition brought on by a diet of half-cooked instant Ramen, Taco Bell and angst.