Publisher’s Weekly Digs Kill All Angels!

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed Kill All Angels, and it’s good! They’re covered all three books now, and they liked every one. I’ll friggin’ take it! Here’s a snippet:

“Appropriately for a science fiction tale with punk-rock overtones, this story is raw, reckless, and grimy. Carey’s alcohol-fueled desperation and Kaitlyn’s worldly optimism work well together, and the narrative barrels towards a conclusion that suits the book’s bizarre late-night movie feel.”

I uh… I could go for a bizarre late-night movie version, universe. Just puttin’ that out there…

Barnes And Noble Gives Kill All Angels One Hell Of A Review

Barnes and Noble gives Kill All Angels one of the best reviews I’ve ever read. I mean, I’m always happy when somebody gets the important themes in my books (though like they say in the piece, the themes themselves are hard to miss), but it’s extra special when they get why those themes are important in the first place. A hell of a note to end a series on.

The Empty Ones is out now!

Empty Ones final
The sequel to The Unnoticeables and book two in the Vicious Circuit trilogy, The Empty Ones is on sale now in fine establishments near you! The seedy ones probably have a few copies, too. Here’s a synopsis:


1977 was a bad year for Carey: The NYC summer was brutally hot, he barely made rent on his apartment, and most of his friends were butchered by a cult that worships the quantum angel he helped give birth to. He needs a vacation. You know where there’s supposed to be a killer punk scene? London. Oh, plus the leader of the aforementioned murderous cult is building an army there in an attempt to solve the world, once and for all. Time to mix business with pleasure. Along the way, maybe he’ll make some friends that won’t try to kill him, or even meet a nice girl who eats angels for supper and can kick a man in half. 1978 is looking better already…

2013 was a bad year for Kaitlyn, too: LA was distinctly unkind to her aspirations towards a career in stunt work, she hooked up with her childhood crush―a B-list celebrity heartthrob named Marco―and he turned out to be an immortal psychopath trying to devour her soul, and she accidentally killed the angel Marco and his bizarre cult worshipped. Now she’s on the run through the American Southwest. She heard Marco’s filming a new show in Mexico, though, so all she has to do is cross the border, navigate a sea of acidic sludge monsters, and find a way to kill an unkillable monster before he sacrifices her and her friends to his extra-dimensional god. Nobody said a career in the entertainment industry would be easy.

Following on the heels of his hilarious and horrifying novel The Unnoticeables, Robert Brockway’s The Empty Ones is like any good punk band: just when you think it can’t get any louder, they somehow turn it up a notch. It’s terrifying and hilarious, visceral and insane, chaotic and beautiful.


WonderCon Appearance Info

Your last reminder: I’m going to be at WonderCon, tomorrow 3/26. Here are the details:

2:00-3:00PM It’s a Horrible Life (or UnLife) Room 151
What is it about grim and gritty, dark and dystopian, that readers crave? And how can humor exist in the midst thereof? Tap into the noir side of existence with R.S. Belcher (The Six-Gun Tarot, The Brotherhood of the Wheel, TOR), Robert Brockway (The Unnoticeables), Stephen Blackmoore (“Heroes Reborn: Dirty Deeds”), Scott Sigler (Generations Trilogy), Amber Benson (The Echo Park Coven novels), and David Mariotte of Mysterious Galaxy.

3:15-4:00PM Signing Autograph Booth #3000
With Robert Brockway (The Unnoticeables), R.S. Belcher (The Six-Gun Tarot, The Brotherhood of the Wheel), Stephen Blackmoore (“Heroes Reborn: Dirty Deeds”), Scott Sigler (Generations Trilogy),Amber Benson (The Echo Park Coven novels), and Heather Nuhfer (Weirdest)

Come hang out! Get something signed! Make ill-advised bets and then welch on them, knowing my memory is worse than yours!

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I’m moving a lot of my online presence to a mailing list. It’s old-school, I know, but it’s a much neater solution. If you want to know about contests, free content, sales and new books – sign up! Then you’re guaranteed to never miss a thing, rather than just sitting back and hoping my inane jokes wade through the quagmire of your Twitter feed or fight their way through your cold and unforgiving Facebook algorithms.

Well now I’m just freaking out.

Audible’s crazy Daily Deal on The Unnoticeables just made it the #10 book in all Literature and Fiction, #4 book in all of Science Fiction and Fantasy. #2 in just Fantasy and #2 in Horror! It is, for right now, the 10th best selling novel (out of all the novels ever written, mind you) in the largest bookstore in the world.


If I crack the top 100 of all books, I will poop everywhere. That’s not an incentive or anything. That’s just an unfortunate, but understandable reaction.